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    Looking for quality shelving with extra storage space? Have you considered longspan shelving? Sydney and Melbourne customers will be happy to learn that we can cater to your shelving needs. Our shelving offers lots of storage space and is completely multipurpose, whether you’re a home handyperson or a professional tradesperson. With our longspan shelving Sydney and Melbourne customers can store a variety of items, from large tools and equipment, to storage boxes, to panels of various materials, whether metal or wood. As our longspan shelving for Sydney and Melbourne customers is heavy duty, its bearing loads are very robust. You can’t beat the Creek Brothers’ strength!

    Do you own or run a warehouse? Are you looking to make better use of your floor space? Have you thought about the benefits of longspan shelving? Melbourne and Sydney warehouses can benefit greatly from Creek Brothers’ tough, quality longspan shelving. This shelving is long enough for large equipment and can instantly make storage options more economical and efficient, helping you clear floor space to bring in more stock. If you have a growing business in Melbourne or Sydney, Creek Brothers’ longspan shelving can help!


    Our longspan shelving for Sydney and Melbourne customers is very affordable. This means it is also suitable for home shelving for garages. We have a range of different products available, to suit any home garage layout. Whether your garage is in Sydney or Melbourne, or the various surrounding suburbs, we can help.

    For longspan shelving Melbourne and Sydney customers can call on Creek Brothers. We have the widest range available, catered to the layout and design of your garage space. We also have enough stock to make your new shelving very affordable. Get industrial grade longspan shelving in your home for a fraction of the usual price! You needn’t be concerned about the quality of the products. Here at Creek Brothers, all our products come with a one-year guarantee, so you can enjoy total peace of mind with your next longspan shelving purchase.

    If you’re looking for heavy duty metal shelving rackings units, then there’s a few characteristics that you need to make sure your product has. Metal shelving for storage should be strong and yet lightweight, and it should be easy to assemble and disassemble. It should be hard wearing, and able to hold heavy materials and objects or long periods of time without you worrying about if it can do the job. It should be adjustable – as the nature of your needs changes,  you need your storage options to change with you. 


    And of course, it should be made from premium materials – but not on sale for a premium price! If this sounds like what you need in a metal shelving unit, then look no further – at Creek Brothers, our metal shelving units for storage of materials in your home, office, shed or warehouse will perfectly suit your needs and requirements – at least, that’s what our customers keep telling us they do! Our heavy duty metal shelving racks units are ideal for safely and securely storing just about anything you can think of.


    Looking for Garage Storage Solutions or Warehouse Storage Systems?  You are at the right place!  We collect the widest range of garage shelving, workbenches, racks, metal shelves with different size and load rating available.  They are the most popular units for garage shed and warehouse storage.


    Creek Brothers offers a range of metal shelving rackings for sheds, garages, supermarket, workshop, warehouses and retail stores, shelving that can easily be extended as your needs increase. First and foremost our storage shelving is designed to be affordable, versatile and to hold heavy loads.


    Our heavy duty shelving is specifically designed to maximise your space. It can be used in a home garage as well as an industrial warehouse. But best of all it is affordable and extremely versatile, throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth.


    Creek Brothers shelving will save you space and keep all your stock organised. It is engineered to be one of the most versatile storage shelving systems on the market. Extension kits are available in 1.2m, 1.5m and 2m lengths.


    If you require heavy duty, extendable, long span shelving that is hard-wearing, can carry large weight loads and is aesthetically pleasing, then Creek Brothers Storage heavy duty shelving is perfect for you.


    Buy Home and Office Shelves, Shelving Units and rackings at everyday low prices. Expertly Engineered Modular Storage Shelves & Racks. Perfect In Any Space. Learn More! Custom Storage Systems. Modular Shelving.

    We have a confidence-building fourteen-years’ experience in the business, so you know we know longspan shelving better than anyone else. Call us today!

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