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A good workbench is where you’ll spend a lot of your working day so it’s important to invest in a good quality tool bench.


Workbenches are an essential gear for heavy duty or lightweight operation in a garage, a workshop or an industrial set up. These days it has become a necessity for professionals or handyman to have a functional workbench to carry out their tasks.


Having the right workbench is essential for getting your work done safely and efficiently, regardless of whether you’re an amateur handyman or a professional tradie. Creek Brothers offer workbenches for sale in Sydney and Melbourne, only stocking the sturdiest of benches at affordable prices.


Workbenches are also versatile enough to be used as tables, desks and benches throughout the home, particularly if you enjoy industrial interior design. Whether you need a workbench with a sliding tray underneath or in a minimalist style.

Creek Brothers (Rackings) industrial warehouse workbenches are designed to support high loads and accommodate heavy-duty applications. Warehouse handcrafted heavy duty workbenches. Custom made steel workbench for Sale that suits industrial or garage.


We have got a wide range of metal Industrial Workstations workbenches, workshop or garage work bench to suit every application whether it be heavy duty.


Our heavy duty workbench is specifically designed to maximise your space. It can be used in a home garage as well as an industrial warehouse. But best of all it is affordable and extremely versatile, throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth.


Creek Brothers offers a range of metal work benches rackings for sheds, garages, supermarket, workshop, warehouses and retail stores, shelving that can easily be extended as your needs increase.


If you have been looking for workbenches for sale in Melbourne or Sydney, Creek Brothers can help! Victorians can call us on 0422 340 619, while Sydney-siders should get in touch on 0432 967 841.

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