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Get organised with the right shelving unit


Heavy Duty Shelving Rackings Workbench Units in Surry Hills | Sydney Airport | Ashfield 

Shelving units are the perfect way of keeping your home organised or your business fully stocked. Creek Brothers are the expert suppliers of shelving units in Surry Hills Sydney Airport Ashfield and surrounds for both homes and businesses, allowing you to keep your belongings or inventory organised in a safe manner, while remaining within easy reach.

With 17 years of experience behind us, you can rely on Creek Brothers to suggest the appropriate shelving units for you, whether that’s just for your home garage or for your industrial warehouse.

Those looking for heavy duty shelving workbench in Surry Hills Sydney Airport Ashfield should turn to Creek Brothers for our range of industrial shelving options. Built to last and designed to withstand a challenge, the heavy duty shelving we have available is necessary for all warehouses.

Creek Brothers only stock the sturdiest shelves to ensure our customers can organise their warehouse with peace of mind. When you choose the right heavy duty shelving racking units for your warehouse, you can maximise your storage space, use less floor space, and ensure the safety of your team (as all heavy stock will be securely shelved). Creek Brothers can assist you with individual shelving racks units or creating a complete storage system, depending on your needs.

No matter what your warehouse or factory’s requirements are, Creek Brothers will be able to provide the right heavy duty shelving. Customers in Melbourne can call us on 0422 340 619, while Sydney-siders should get in touch on 0432 967 841.


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